Science Families


Due to an enormous amount of planning I have incorporated two weeks into my science page. Please be aware that the objectives are listed for the week of December 2nd and December 9th. We will be doing a lot of great activities and I look forward the weeks ahead. If you click the science page in the menu above you will see both weeks clearly labeled. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by email! Happy holidays!

Math Students and Parents!

Please be aware that there is homework this week. I have provided a link to the homework on the math page. You can find this in the menu box above. Happy holidays too all of you. I look forward to a great week.

Students Can Retake the Science Test

Students will be given the opportunity to retake their science test on Friday, November 22, 2019. Students have received the questions and answers to the test along with a review twice, so I am looking forward to positive attitudes and sharp minds as they make their second attempt! The final grade added to the initial grade, divided by two or the average of the two grades will be the one that sticks. So please ensure your student is studying consistently! Thank you so much!

PMMS Sixth Grade Thanksgiving Challenge

PMMS Sixth Grade Thanksgiving Challenge is approaching. These activities will be completed through USA Testprep and are due no later than December 9th. I am attaching a powerpoint presentation to explain the entire process and hopefully, to answer any questions you may have. This challenge is for all content areas and is standards-based to assist students with sixth-grade success!

Thanksgiving Challenge PowerPoint (1)

Weekly Announcement November 11th, 2019

Wishing all of the Veteran’s a very nice Veteran’s day! THANK YOU endlessly for your service. We are here and can do what we do because of you.


Please remember to complete your study guides and practice tests to be prepared for the upcoming assessments. You can find the dates of the tests in this blog by clicking your subject’s tab. All study guides can be found in the resources tab along with any homework or powerpoints we have completed in class.

 Students and Parents:

The grading period ends this Friday. Please be sure you are checking Synergy for makeup assignments. If your students are missing anything, you can find it in my blog and print. If your student misses school for any reason, the work they miss is available to them in the folder on the wall marked with your class period. If they fail to pick up this work, you may also find it on the blog.


Please be sure your students are studying and completing their homework each night.


I hope you all have a wonderful week!



Important Post for Both Math and Science Families

Please refer to either the math or science page to find what our weekly schedule will be. You can also locate the weekly objective and any graded assignments that are coming up. 

Please make sure students have their notebooks and a pencil or pen for class. We have exhausted the classroom supply, and are looking to have pencils sent into the classroom for students.

The unit exams are soon! I encourage all students to study all the notes that we take in class and any study guides that they have received. 

Parents and students, please remember the use of cell phones is not allowed in the classroom. They should be on silent or turned off during classroom instruction unless otherwise instructed. 



We will be having a math quiz on Monday, November 4, 2019. I advise all students to look over their notes this weekend! Thank you so much.

Science Computer Lab 10/30/2019

Login to USA TESTPREP and take the assigned quiz (Weather/Climate)

If your water cycle poster activity is not complete, it is due at the end of this class.

If you have completed your water cycle poster, please complete the following activities on Legends of Learning:

Activity Code:  MICKUS2

The Legends of Learning Activity is due by Friday, November 1, 2019

Complete all assigned work from USA TESTPREP assigned today!