Good Stormy Morning Math and Science: April 23, 2020

I just wanted to let everyone continuing to do the right thing and work towards completing the content for the sixth grade that you should be so proud of yourselves.  You are going to do great things going forward and deserve a “high five”!  Actually, you deserve cake and pizza and soda but I can not do that virtually!

A quick note about today.  We are having very severe weather up here on the mountain so if I am offline, it is not because I am not interested, it is that I have no power or internet service.  I will do my best to hang in with you today and please text me if what you need simply can not wait out the weather.

Have a perfect day and be safe,


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Middle grades math, science, and STEM educator in Cobb County, Georgia. Loving the teaching and learning going on at Pine Mountain Middle School.

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