Happy Spring Break: A Message for A/C Science

Hope this finds everyone doing well and having a great week off – even if it is at home!  We are trying to stay busy up here on the mountain, but boredom is pretty serious.  

The post below came from Gifted Atlanta and is a terrific resource for us as we come back to learning next week.  This is a Zoom presentation for all of you and will assist you with learning more about scientific method and why we do what we do in science.

You must register ahead of time and the link is included below.  Please let me know if you intend to be a part of this event!

Write Like a Scientist. Heather teaches the similarities between the scientific process and the writing process. Offered via Zoom on April 17, 2020, at 2 p.m. Eastern. Recommended for grades 2 through 6. Registration required.

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