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Try this one…….Posted May 4, 2020

You must e-mail me or text me your answer.

First complete and correct – Prize Winner!


Are you up to it!!!???  Posted 4/30/2020

First complete and correct – Prize Winner!

     Puzzle of the Week!



Ok, time for a challenge!!

Let me know which one doesn’t belong!


Good Monday Morning Math 6 – almost 7th!!!  It is April 20, 2020

See the source image

Some awesome challenges for Math Brains:  Give them a try and let me know how it goes!!!!



April 16, 2020:  Daily Challenge






April 15, 2020:  Challenge

Interesting Puzzles | Maths puzzles, Math logic puzzles, Math ...


April 14, 2020:  Challenge

April 13, 2020:  Challenge

Zoo Atlanta has an app available called Wildverse.  It is a great way to hone your science knowledge and have fun.  I downloaded the app for free on my cell phone and it worked really well.  Good Luck!!!

enterthewildeverse hashtag on Twitter

I have just started trying this out, but I believe you can play in teams or against one another.  Try it out, it’s free!







See the source image


You should also check out PandaCam:  Lots of cool stuff going on with the pandas.

April 1, 2020:  Challenge

Jeremiah Michel and Jared Mathis GREAT JOB on the daily math puzzles!

See if you can solve this one for today!

Someone needs to get this one before Kirk Thomas!  He is the overall winner so far!  Who’s up to the challenge?

Which one doesn’t belong and why:

So if you are really missing school and would like something to do…..

Vocab Brain Break

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