Important Announcement about Homework…..

A short note regarding homework to all of my students.  At this time, I believe we all realize that everything you do is homework because you are at home when you are doing it.  However, during the week, Monday through Friday you are missing class.  Each normal schoolday I see each of you for approximately 55 minutes.   By the time you come into the room, locate your seat, and stop socializing – I am left with about 45 minutes of the 55 minutes.  I am not assigning anything that should take longer than that amount of time.  Many of you get done with the assignments quickly and are up at the front of the room asking me what can you do next!  Please just complete your assignments during school hours, (9:30 – 4:15) and spend no more time on my assignments than you would in my classroom.  Ask for assistance if you need it and keep up, when you get behind that is when you are up all night doing assignments that should have been done during school hours.  If you can not get something done in a reasonable amount of time, you need help – call me.  If you can’t complete something in a class period, take a break – there is always tomorrow.  Thank you and have a wonderful week!

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