March 26, 2020: COVID School Shutdown Update

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Just a quick note, to keep you updated.  School is now closed until April 24th.  This means that we will all be experts at this distance learning by then, right?  I will continue to be available during this time and ask that you remain positive and focused on school for several hours of your day.  Also, please take care not to become ill yourself.  Stay at home, wash your hands, and do your schoolwork.  I truly miss seeing all of you.

P.S. –    One thing I want to note, if I refer you to Mrs. Harris for a log in issue, it is not because I don’t want to help you.  It is because I can not help you.  I have posted all instructions provided to me for you to log in to the sites we are using during this time.  Clever and Freckle have given some of us some issue, Mrs. Harris is able to help you better than I.  If I am able to fix a problem, I will absolutely do so but I am not always able to fix your problem.  Thank you for understanding and being patient.  CM

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